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Which is Healthier, Electric Cigarettes or Tobacco Cigarettes

Both electric cigarettes or tobacco cigarettes, both types of cigarettes can be addictive and contain chemicals that are harmful to your health. Scientists continue to conduct research on the effect of e-cigarettes on health, but they agree that users of e-cigarettes, especially teenagers and young adults, can become tobacco smokers in the future. Electric cigarettes or tobacco cigarettes are known to have the same content, namely nicotine. Based on information released by the Ministry of Health, e-cigarettes are actually a new way to enter nicotine into the body. Electric cigarettes do have the impression that this product is less dangerous than tobacco cigarettes. Electric cigarettes are also quickly becoming a lifestyle accessory among young smokers or young adults. However, the steam that is produced by e-cigarettes can cause coughing, shortness of breath, even asthma attacks, and is thought to cause other serious health problems, such as atherosclerosis, cancer, and type 2 dia
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Recognize the Anatomy of Women's Breasts

The anatomy of a woman's breast is not as simple as it looks. Organs that are one of the attractions of this woman, have a role in sexual activity while also functioning as a means of providing breast milk for babies. The breast consists of fat and connective tissue, in addition there are lobes, lobules, breast milk channels, blood vessels, and lymph nodes in it. The lobe is the part of the breast that is divided into several lobules. These small glands or lobules that will produce milk. Consists of Various Networks Breast tissue is formed since the beginning of fetal life, which is at the 4th week. The network develops together with two milk ducts that start in the armpits. Breasts do not have muscle tissue. The shape and size of the breast is determined by how much fat tissue is present in the breast. The connective tissue and ligaments in the breast play a role in maintaining the anatomical structure of the breast. The nerves contained in it function to give sensation to

Electrolyte Drinks, What are the Benefits for the Body

You must have seen advertisements for beverages containing electrolytes on the screen. In the ad, the manufacturer claims that drinks containing electrolytes can replace lost body fluids, for example due to fatigue after exercise. What is an electrolyte drink and what are the benefits for the body? Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals present in the human body. Electrolytes can be found in blood, sweat, urine, and other bodily fluids. Substances called electrolytes include sodium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium, calcium, and bicarbonate. Electrolytes have a very important role, such as: Ensuring nerves, muscles, heart, and brain work normally Dispose of metabolic waste from cells Bring nutrients to cells Maintaining the balance of acid / base (pH) of the body Control or balance the water content in the body Electrolyte levels in the body need to be maintained in the normal range, so that these functions run normally. Changes in electrolyte levels can occur either b

Want to Try Overcoming Diarrhea with Kaolin

Kaolin is a type of mineral that is often used as medicine. Naturally, kaolin is like clay. After washing to remove sand and other impurities, this material has been used to treat diarrhea years ago. Even so, medical research states that the effectiveness of kaolin in dealing with diarrhea has not been fully proven. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (BPOM United States), the benefits of kaolin which has been believed to overcome diarrhea is not enough scientific evidence. Further research is needed to determine its efficacy. But, BPOM RI still allows diarrhea drugs containing kaolin to be sold on the market, and generally can be consumed as over-the-counter medicines. Diarrhea itself is a condition of loose stool during bowel movements or a more frequent than normal frequency of bowel movements. Diarrhea generally occurs due to consuming food or drinks that have been contaminated with viruses, bacteria, or parasites. In dealing with diarrhea, kaolin works by absorbi

The Benefits of Consuming Wine and the Risks that Endanger Health

Alcoholic drinks, including wine, are not the general consumption of people in Indonesia. But if you want to try consuming wine to get its benefits, it's important to know the right dose of consumption to avoid the bad effects. As a double-edged sword, consumption of wine in the right portion can improve body health, but actually detrimental to health if taken in excess. Appropriate Amount The appropriate level of wine consumption is actually different for each person. Because, the lifestyle of every person who consumes wine also varies, starting from the level of activity undertaken and also the food consumed. In general, consumption of wine that is considered moderate or average for men is two glasses of wine, each containing about 150 ml per day. Another case with women who are advised to only drink one glass per day. Positive Benefits of Wine Apart from the risks inherent in it, wine has several beneficial effects for the body, including: Increase bone density. Resear